Install Ruby on Rails on Windows 8.1

1. Install Ruby 2.0.0p451 <2014-02-24> [i386-mingw32]

2. If you input “gem update -system” , there maybe one error :

ERROR : While executing gem … <OptionParser : : AmbiguousOption>

          ambiguous option : -system

    Solution :type : gem update –system , and you will see “…………. RubyGems system software updated”

3. gem install rails

ERROR : Error installing rails:

               The ‘atomic’ native gem requires installed build tools.

Please update your PATH to include build tools or download the DevKit from ‘; and follow the instructions at ‘;

     Solution :step 1: download and extract development Kit to Ruby directory

                    step 2: run installation scripts as instructions on

                    step 3 : gem install rails (will install rails-4.0.4 successfully but end with an error message)

4. Install SQLite from

    move contents to Ruby bin directory and type ‘gem install sqlite3-ruby’

5.Create application


6.Enter into your application directory and then type ‘bundle install’

7.’rails server’ then you can see your Welcome page whey you open http://localhost:3000/

8.(first Ctrl+C to stop server) rails generate controller salutation

9 Modify the salutation_controller.rb file , create the NAMEOFAPPLICATION.html.erb file ,modify the routes.rb file 

10 run your application requesting URL http://localhost:3000/salutation/NAMEOFAPPLICATION

NB : you may conquer ExecJS::RuntimeError in…….

Showing ……….line#6 raised

If you see this error message , there are two ways to fix it 

method 1 : install nodejs(

method 2 : modify runtimes.rb file

JScript = (

Delete //U after Nologo

Change UTF-16LE to UTF-8


Save and reload (restart the server ,do not reload page directly)

Done. 🙂

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